Dannica Coyote


Dannica began her yoga journey when she was 17 years old. After a devastating diagnosis of idiopathic adolescent ​scoliosis at 12 years old left her in a back brace and with a recommendation of surgery, she began experimenting with movement as medicine— the only thing that really made any sense to her. In her mind, it wasn't about the instant gratification of being healed, but rather what could this medical condition teach her and how could her journey inspire others to look beyond what the doctors prescribe. Yoga was not an easy effort for Dannica in the beginning. It was a painful and arduous practice, which taught her patience, trust, dedication, and the value of showing up for herself. Yoga wasn't popular in her town during that time, so the majority of her practice consisted of sitting in front of the mirror with books trying to realign herself to match the pictures. Over time, her practice became more fluid as her body changed, loosened up, and began to realign. Still, Dannica's practice was purely physical. It didn't command any spiritual growth or accountability.

Until she found Buti. Not only did Buti level up Dannica's physical practice, Buti was the catalyst that brought balance and emotional intelligence into her life. It made her a better human, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, and entrepreneur. It created congruency in her life on and off the mat. 

Today, Dannica is living her best life as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, a Buti Yoga Master Trainer (or as she likes to call herself, a "pretty good guide" rather than a master of anything), the owner of Basic Witch Boutique, and the singer and guitarist in the rock band, Mustang Kid. 









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